Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The beginning of The Wait

If you’ve never tended a garden, take it from me: you will not get everything done that you want to. Certainly not when you meant to, anyway.

I’ve been working on the MKG for the last three years and I still have not planted asparagus. I want to grow asparagus, and I know it takes three years before you get a full harvest, and I know that clock won’t start ticking until those crowns are in the ground… yet they aren’t.

It’s all been a case of wanting the decision of permanence to be well-made. Asparagus are planted as root crowns and are a perennial – they can keep coming up for 20 years and providing you with fresh asparagus that whole time. All you need to do is plant them once and ta-da! But since they are going to live in the same spot for so long, I wanted that spot to be just right before I committed them to it.

Apparently I've been having a Goldilocks moment.

However, I finally have a bed where the asparagus can live in ferny peace for the foreseeable future. In anticipation of a flush harvest (three years from now), I am already excited to make aparagus & pecorino and asparagus spread & prosciutto on toast (yum). I think it might finally be time for me to order that asparagus!

I’ve had my eye on the Sweet Purple from Seeds of Change for at least two years now. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love a purple vegetable? I know I do. So that’s it. It’s been three years and the time has finally come. I will order my crowns, plant them, and begin The Wait.

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