Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekend Activity: California Artisan Cheese Festival

In case you aren't planning on hitting the SF Flower and Garden Show next weekend, how about the 5th Annual California Artisan Cheese Festival? I went last year and it was delicious. I had to pace myself to make sure I didn't come home with pounds of cheese that might go bad before I could eat them all.

On Saturday there will be seminars to attend and a gourmet dinner option. Sunday is the Artisan Cheese Marketplace. This includes cheeses galore, wine and beer tasting, gourmet meats (Black Pig Meat Co!!) and other cheese-philic offerings. If you are anywhere near Petaluma, CA, I encourage you to stop by!

My personal favorites from 2010:

Caproncino: a hard aged goat cheese, it smells like feet and tastes like coconut. Ah-mazing. Bohemian Creamery, Sebastopol, CA.
Two-Faced Blue: a blended sheep and cow's milk blue, creamy & delicious. Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheese, Doty, WA.
Point Reyes Toma: a semi-hard farmstead cheese from Point Reyes; it's like buttah, baby. Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, Point Reyes Station, CA.

All three of those cheeses are terrific and were quite a hit at last year's Easter Dinner. And it's a credit to my friends and family that they all tried the Caproncino upon my reassurances of its deliciousness... despite the odeur des pieds.

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