Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Urban Homesteading Kerfuffle Gets Press

A couple months ago, I filled you in on a little skirmish taking place in the urban homesteading community.  Well, it looks like the homies are starting to get some press!  On my way to the office yesterday, while listening to the California Report on NPR, I heard none other than Ruby Blume- founder of the Institute of Urban Homesteading.  Listen to the interview here.

It appears that people are more concerned with the behavior of Facebook than they are about trademarking common usage words.  The Facebook issue (taking down pages for trademark infringement without notice or recourse) is very distressing, especially for groups who rely on it for communication, contact, marketing etc. 

I tend to be slightly more concerned with the idea of people owning words.  I mean, they're words.  "Urban homesteading."  It's not like it's a proper name or slogan or something.   But if Facebook antics are what get people to care and help stop this nutty trademark kerfuffle, I'm all for it.  Go get 'em, Ruby!

p.s. I am *still* an urban homesteader.

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