Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 MKG Veggie Varieties

Picking out which varieties to grow is definitely a highlight of gardening.  You can pick and choose veggies that look nice, have great descriptions, or even just for the name.  I've done all three and as with any choice, some work and some could be better.  This is what I am planning to plant in the 2011 MKG (* denotes a favorite):

Tomatoes: Sungold cherry*, Black Krim, Ginger's Golden Delicious (a local heirloom)*, Isis Candy cherry, San Marzano, and another three or so that I'll pick out at the nursery

Peppers: Giant Aconcagua*, Alma Paprika*, Corno di Toro, Golden California Wonder, Pretty Purple Pepper, Yellow Hungarian Wax, Padron

Tomatillo: Purple de Milpa

Eggplant: Casper*, Rosa Bianca, Diamond

Corn: Blue Jade

Sweet Potatoes: Bush assortment from Sand Hill Preservation Center

Beans: An assortment of the seeds I have left over from last year

Summer Squash: Sunburst, Zephyr*, Spineless Beauty, Cocozelle

Winter Squash: Buttercup, Waltham Butternut, Thelma Sanders, Galeux D'Eysines pumpkin*

Cucumbers: Painted Serpent*, Lemon, Diva

Melons: Ambrosia cantaloupe* and a watermelon

I never like to make too detailed a plan because there are always surprises at the nursery.  I'm excited to see what varieties are available there now!  Drop a note in the comments to share what varieties you're growing this year.

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