Friday, September 30, 2011

Color Overload: Seattle Farmer's Market

A few weeks ago, I headed north to Seattle to attend a lovely wedding and catch up with an old college buddy.  The weekend was just fantastic, as was the University District Saturday Farmer's Market!  I wandered through the stalls, oggling at the absolutely beautiful produce and wishing I had a stove.  I was also struck by the abundance of wild and cultured mushrooms.  As I am still reeling in the tomatoes, we have not yet reached mushrooming season down here.  But the Pacific Northwest, with its abundant rainfall, is swimming in gorgeous mushrooms.  I am eagerly looking forward to our mushroom season and many more meals of mushrooms on toast.

There was also a great selection of cheeses, including a stand from one of my favorite creameries: Willapa Hills from Doty, Washington.  I first found them at the California Artisan Cheese Festival in 2010.  Upon arriving in Seattle I picked up some of their Two Faced Blue, a delicious sheep/cow blue cheese.  At the market I also got to try the Pluvius, a cow's milk table cheese that reminded me of a slightly milder feta that I could barely keep my hands off.  I left with some of that, too.  Yum.

Now, please enjoy the colors and textures of Seattle's U District Saturday Farmer's Market!



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