Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Of Bow Ties and Bulldogs

I'm feeling like this:

Like a tired bulldog who just wants to take a nap with her bow ties.  Is that so much to ask for?

Apparently I have greatly underestimated the time and energy required to move an entire pair of lives (plus mongrels) overseas.  Every day I look at the calendar and think "Ooo! It's one day closer to moving to Scotland!" immediately followed by "My dear sweet Jesus, how on earth is this actually going to happen?"  Yup.  That's my world.  Wake up, rinse, and repeat.

So how, precisely, did I think I could carve out time to plant lettuce, carrots and radishes for Thanksgiving???  I believe I must be delusional.  Two weeks have passed and no seeds or seedlings have entered the garden.  It is clearly time to give up on the root crops, but I am holding out hope that I can still manage to get the lettuces into the garden in time (see above regarding delusional).  We'll see if that actually happens.  Thankfully, I live (for now) in the world of the year-round farmer's market so I know that I can always pick up anything I need in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, my nieces (owners of the photogenic bulldog) built a snowman back east.  What?  Before Halloween?  I remember the year it snowed at Thanksgiving (in coastal Connecticut) and we were ecstatic to go run around the yard with the cousins before it all melted.  Yet out here I still have a bunch of tomatoes hanging off the vines, peppers of every variety, eggplants, and squash ready to harvest.  I better enjoy all this summer-veg-in-fall now because this will not be happening in my future Glaswegian Garden. 

Wish me luck with that Thanksgiving planting...

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  1. Photogenic bulldog has the right idea!!


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