Friday, February 17, 2012

My First Woodlands Harvest

Ta Da!  There it is- my first harvest from the Woodlands Community Garden in Glasgow.  It's not much, but it's the first fresh picking I've done outdoors here in Scotland and it made my very, very happy.

The wee spring onions came out of my new plot!  There are still a small group of onions growing in the bed.  These two were picked as we investigated what was still growing in the plot and tried to decide what we want to plant and where to fit it all.  I sliced up the onion and sauteed it in butter for about half a minute, then added toasted garlic and tossed it all with fusilli.  It was a very simple pasta that had great flavor from the combination of aromatic garlic and sweet, grassy onion.  The onions were so small that the taste was reminiscent of chives.  Speaking of chives, I should add those to the planting list.

The four sprigs in the picture are two varieties of fresh thyme.  These were from my garden-neighbor's plot; she grew at the garden last year.  The skinny one is your standard thyme, while the other one is a variety of creeping thyme.  The leaves are more succulent and really lovely, but it's taking over her plot.  The creeping thyme sends out runners so instead of growing like a little shrub, it grows (creeps) laterally, sending out roots all over the raised beds.  I've been instructed to take as much as I want and I intend to!  I also want to separate some divisions so that I can add thyme to the windowsill parsley and get a proper windowsill herb garden growing.

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