Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome to Woodlands

Woodlands Community Garden

A few weeks ago, I had my introduction to my new community garden!

The space is really neat- in 2010, a group of volunteers cleaned up an abandoned lot where a building had burned down decades earlier. Last year, the Woodlands Community Garden was born in that space. That's why all the gardens are in raised beds- we're growing on rubble! In addition to the plots, there are community growing areas and a teaching center made of recycled wood pallets. The whole thing is very eco-ghetto-fabulous.

The view into the garden from across the street.
Note the walls of the adjacent buildings on the sides of the photo.

Garden entrance catwalk, with geometric wall grafitti

I met the organizers as well as half my fellow "plotters." There are 4 of us so far and we are starting to get things sorted.  We've ordered our seeds and last weekend we got our beds weeded, turned and composted. We can't wait for our seeds to arrive so we can get planting!

Working away, with pallet shed in the background
p.s. Happy Leap Day!

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