Friday, April 6, 2012


The daffodils at the Glasgow Botanic Garden are putting on a spectacular show, with the diversity of daffodils beautifully displayed.  Below are a selection of the astounding variety this humble spring bulb can exhibit.

Some of them are brightest yellow.

 Some are yellow and small, and some have twisted petals.

Some of them appear depressed, while others seem perky and pleased. 

Some of them are pale, pale yellow, and some are yellow and orange.

Some of them are white and yellow.

Some are white and orange. 

Some of them are purest white, and some have doubled centers. 

Some are mixed with all their fellows.

Some form stands alone.

Every spring the daffodils appear and we smile at their cheery yellow faces.  But this year, take a closer look and marvel at what variety can be found in a single field of daffodils.  What are your favorites?  I am quite partial to doubles and orange & whites myself.

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