Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Orchid Show, Glasgow Botanic Garden

Scottish Orchid Society display

Earlier this month, the Glasgow Botanic Garden hosted a wonderful orchid show in the Kibble Palace (one of two main glasshouses). Orchids are really spectacular plants. The variety of sizes, colors, textures... even scents! One lovely plant smelled just like vanilla, which makes perfect sense as vanilla comes from a Mexican orchid. Not only are they gorgeous, they give us one of desserts most-loved flavorings!

A pretty pair of paphs
Another pretty pair of paphs

The variety that I am drawn to the most are the Paphiopedilum, a variety of Lady's slipper orchid (two pairs of Paphs are shown above). Different Lady's slippers can be found where I spend my summers in northeastern Vermont, so these are my favorites. There are plenty of other lovelies as well, including some that I think look like psychedelic Holstein cows. Please enjoy the orchid eye candy!

The usual suspects

Orchid smorgasbord

What do you get when you take a Holstein cow,
dip it in butter-yellow and magenta,
and turn it into an orchid?

This post is dedicated to the memory of my cousin Freddie, an avid orchid grower and lover. He passed away on 30 April 2012 and he will be missed dearly. My orchids will always remind me of you, Freddie.

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