Friday, May 11, 2012

First International Fascination of Plants Day!

What are you doing next Friday? Do you live in Europe? If so, I encourage you to check out the website for the first international "Fascination of Plants Day"! It is being launched by the European Plant Science Organisation to encourage people to think about what plants are, what they do, what they are used for and just how generally amazing they are- you know, to get people fascinated with plants!

As an avid gardener and plant-lover I am very excited with this program. On the main page, there is a link to a list of participating countries so you can browse through the list of happenings wherever you live. Here in Glasgow the Botanic Gardens will be hosting the "Plants Life People" exhibit at the Kibble Palace from 11:00-16:00 on Friday, 18th May. I think I'll just have to duck away from the office for a jaunt over to the Botanics to check out this intriguing program.

The University of Glasgow Plant Science Research Group has also set up a flickr pool here to gather images of plants in honour of FoPD. The pictures will be held under a creative commons license so people can use them for educational purposes. If you have pictures of plants that you'd like to contribute, sign up and become part of the action! Or even if you aren't interested in contributing head over and take a look at some of the amazing photos they've collected (over 650 images so far!).

If you don't live in Europe, why not make the 18th your own personal Fascination of Plants Day? Spend some time watching a plant, add some photos to flickr, sow a few seeds, or think about where your food comes from. Anything to celebrate the wonderful diversity of the plant world that keeps us so well fed.

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