Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Generous Neighbor

Walking along the street today, I noticed a lovely lilac stretching out over the sidewalk. It was just about the same shade of lavender as the lilac my grandmother had in her yard. I adored that tree and would stand under it when it was in bloom being enveloped by its amazing scent. I loved to stick my face into the beautiful mess of flowers and just breathe.

I did the same today on the sidewalk, stopping to enjoy a moment of peace and nostalgia. At that same moment, the owner of the lilac tree came home and said to me, "Feel free to pick one and take it home with you. The season is so fleeting we should appreciate them while they're here." I couldn't agree more and thanked her profusely, pulling down a branch and tearing off a lovely pair of blooms.

Now my flat is graced with the intoxicating smell of lilac and I am feeling quite content.

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