Friday, April 1, 2011

Wrangling the bird netting...

Did I ever mention that I have two cats?  I have two cats.  And a dog.  They are fabulous, but they're not exactly garden compatible.  Freshly turned soil is very tempting for the cats, and strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli are very tempting for the dog.  As a result, I drape bird netting over the beds when they are empty or freshly planted.

I hate bird netting.

It seems like every time I walk past a bed with bird netting on it, I trip.  It gets everywhere!  And it's impossible to find an edge or corner.  The main problem is that I started with a big roll from the hardware store that I cut up into strips in the garden.  It was rather unweildy and the resulting strips of net are not the right size for the beds.  I decided it's time to fix it.

Here's how I did it-

-Measuring tape
-Bird netting (roll)
-Tape, 2 inches wide: packaging, Duct, electrical, etc.


Step 1.  Measure the raised beds across and along, including the height of hoops.  For the 4'x12' beds that is a 6.5'x15' net.

Step 2.  Cut strips of bird netting to the specified dimensions.

Step 3.  Lay out a flat, straight length of netting.  Roll tape along length placing half of tape strip on the netting and leaving half unattached.  I did this on the patio so dirt wouldn't get stuck in the tape.

Step 4.  Fold the tape over on itself, sealing all the sticky around the edges of the netting.

Step 5.  Tape pebbles onto the corners of the strips, and spaced out along the edges, as weights to keep the netting down.

Ta da!  Wrangled bird netting!

One of the best results of the modified netting is that it is *much* easier to find the edges and to tell which way the long and short dimensions are oriented.  Also, it's nice to be out in the garden without being irritated, cause that bird netting irritated me on a regular basis.  It's just better to fix those minor annoyances - life is more relaxing on the other side.  And with any luck, now I'll be able to wander around my garden beds without tripping!  Though somehow I doubt it...


  1. It was the copying of the nonsense word (which I didn't do) which kept my comments from being posted. I love what you are doing with bird netting - it IS impossible to find the edges, isn't it? I will do the same kind of thing on the four sides of my garden with the 6 foot poles at the corners. I don't think I have to worry about the top because my chief problem is deer. But if I have a problem, I can always make another piece to go over the top. Great idea, Rootaki!

  2. I'm so happy you are blogging. You have so much to share and it gives me an opportunity to know what I should be doing (or paying someone to do :) at what time of year.

  3. nicely done!!! You can always count on duck tape...

  4. Thanks, Janey! I hope your wrangling goes well... and I hope that it will keep the deer at bay. They're relentless!

    Welcome to the MKG, Kellly! Thanks so much for the support :) Happy gardening and don't be overwhelmed- sometimes it's just better to call in the pros.

    Thanks, Jean! Duct tape is the best.


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