Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Simply Delicious

Ah, it seems as though summer has finally arrived.  After a week of drizzles, the sun burst out this weekend and looks like it intends to stick around for the next four months.  The season has barely started and I'm already behind on my garden chores.  No worries though, the point of gardening is that it's relaxing and I therefore refuse to stress out about it.

In addition to planting, eating is always a good way to welcome a new season.  There are so many delicious foods to herald the coming of summer, particularly anything involving tomatoes.  But we aren't quite ready for that yet.  Instead we have been enjoying a dessert that is not season-specific, yet perfect for right now: Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey.

It might not look like much... but I promise it's awesome!

There is just no way to describe how something so simple can be so delicious.  A few weeks ago I had friends coming to dinner and I was feeling a little too lazy to bake something for dessert.  Instead, I picked up some vanilla ice cream and served it drizzled with honey.  A few of my guests were skeptical, but after that first bite all were converted and each of us had a second helping.  No one could quite put their finger on why this dessert was so good, it just was simply delicious.

As with any simple meal, good ingredients are the key.  We recently scored a jar of Organic Blue Borage Honey from New Zealand that fits this dish perfectly.  It's light and floral and is a perfect complement to the creamy vanilla.  Of course, you could dress this dish up with fresh fruit or herbs or fleur de sel, but really, why mess with such a good thing?  I encourage you to fill a bowl with some tasty vanilla ice cream, drizzle it with honey, and welcome whatever season you're in.

Full disclosure: We had this for dessert last night... and the night before.  And we rarely eat dessert.

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