Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden Tour: S & J's Richmond Garden

Some friends of mine, S & J, moved into a new rental house in Richmond, California about six months ago.  In that short period of time they have managed to put together quite a nice veggie garden!  They were kind enough to let me stalk their plantings so I could share them with you.  Isn't it fun to see other people's gardens?

There was a low retaining wall forming a step in their backyard- they decided that this would make the perfect spot for the garden beds.  To prepare, they cleared the area of weeds and added mulch.  Then they set up four raised beds measuring about 2.5' x 5' and filled them with a mix of soil and compost.  Two of the beds are home to tomatoes and herbs, one bed contains sunflowers, beets, carrots and herbs, and the last bed holds lettuce and peas.

Tomatoes, marigolds, and cilantro

The long view - looking down the 4 garden beds

Mesclun mix overflowing the bed

Happy beets - carrots - beets

Considering that this garden is only a few months old, and we have had wet and cool weather out here, things are looking great!  Not pictured are three wine barrels, home to herbs and peppers.  J spent a lot of time living in New Mexico and there was no way she would have a veggie garden that didn't contain chiles.  There seems to be some cult surrounding New Mexicans and their chiles...  Maybe she'll share some with me when they're ripe and I will understand their magic, too. 

Thanks, guys, for sharing your garden with us!

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