Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sierran Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Today is the 15th so I should be showing you what is blooming in my garden.  The problem is, I'm not in my garden today.  I am in the eastern Sierra geologizing (you might not think that's a word but Darwin did).  Therefore I decided to take some pictures of the wildflowers and flowering shrubs here in the lovely Owens Valley.

Indian paintbrush



Sulphur buckwheat


Rayless daisy
Many thanks to Deborah, a local biologist for the plant identifications!  The monkeyflowers are hard to photograph; they form some beautiful carpets across the scrub.  And the Rayless daisy is just too cute!  It's an adorable little yellow puffball that looks like something out of Seuss.  I encourage you to stop and look for blooms - even in an unexpected area they often appear if you're looking for them.

I hope this little dose of mountain flowers improves your Wednesday!

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