Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October 2011 MKG Harvest

October harvest:
Mortgage Lifter, Snow White, Pineapple tomatoes
Tequila peppers
Carbon and San Marzano tomatoes

October was punctuated by tomatoes.  Lots and lots of tomatoes.  Even after a decade in California, it still feels wrong that tomatoes are coming in fresh off the vines when it should be fall already.  In fact, here we are in November and I still have tomatoes ready for harvest.  I have to remind myself that the reason the harvest continues is that it didn't start until the standard season was practically over.  There was opportunity for more harvesting during October, but I got too busy to do the MKG justice.  I hope to remedy that in November while the garden still seems to think it's July.

October 2011 MKG Harvest

2 Tequila peppers @ 4.4 oz
9 Mortgage Lifter tomatoes @ 8 lb 8.9 oz
8 Pineapple tomatoes @ 7 lb 0.1 oz
18 Carbon tomatoes @ 5 lb 14.8 oz
21 San Marzano Roma tomatoes @ 5 lb 5.4 oz
16 Snow White tomatoes @ 1 lb 6.7 oz

...which results in a Grand Total of 28 lbs 3.4 oz of tomatoes.  In October.  This is totally bananas.

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