Friday, November 11, 2011

November Cucumbers!

It happened.  It finally happened.  Cucumbers!!!!

A baby Painted Serpent cucumber, my all-time favorite variety

After more than 5 months in the ground, my plants finally decided to produce some cucumbers.  How crazy is that?  I should be telling you about quick-pickled cucumbers and tzatziki sauce and white gazpacho made with homegrown cucumbers, but none of those feel like mid-November dishes.  Because, cuke season is supposed to be done by mid-November, not just starting.

I'm not sure what went wrong in the cucumber department this year.  In the past I've had a decent harvest, if not a bumper crop.  The main thing I did differently in 2011 was set them up on drip irrigation.  I had only one drip going to each cuke and perhaps that wasn't enough.  The squash plants each had two drips and the melons had a drip line rather than a point source.  If I had to do it again, I think I'd put a ring of drip line around the base of the cucumbers.

Regardless of what went wrong, I am just ecstatic to get some cucumbers from the MKG before I turn it over to the new owner.  Now I just need to decide how to honor the harvest in the kitchen...

My first Diva cucumber, a little small, but ready for harvest
p.s. Happy Palindrome Date!

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  1. I love how you know all your vegetables inside and out. You take such care of them. How Zen-like! I hope you continue this blog with the changes coming. A new garden in a new place!


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