Thursday, March 15, 2012

GBBD March 2012

Welcome to March in Glasgow! As expected, the bulbs are continuing their show.  It is a veritable feast of daffodils right now and they are just gorgeous.  In fact, I intend to write an entire post dedicated to them soon as they have completely taken over the Botanic Gardens. 

In addition, I spied the first tulips of the season a few days ago!  I absolutely adore tulips (just like crocuses and snowdrops and daffodils... apparently I adore bulbs) and these delicate tulips, coral-red and tinged with yellow, are quite lovely.


Also, in our lane (lane=alley) there is a lovely group of Euphorbia! I didn't realize that Euphorbia had such a wide climatic range; I think of them as being Mediterranean.  I am quite pleased to see that they thrive here.  Maybe I can convince the downstairs neighbor to let me put a wee Euphorbia in the "front yard." I've always been partial to Euphorbia characias wolfenii.


I also spied some hyacinths in the wild! I've grown so accustomed to seeing them in little planters that I was surprised when I saw this little wee blue one along the side of the lane.  It is very cute and a nice dash of blue to replace the crocuses that have mostly faded now.


In addition to the daffodils, the Botanic Garden is also home to some spectacular rhododendrons. They are just starting to bloom and should be even more impressive in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, this pink one below is doing an excellent job of broadening the floral color palette of March.


Last but not least, there is this shrub covered in bright yellow pom-poms! I have no idea what it is but the flowers are really spectacular.  They look like tiny dahlias on a chartreuse green stem. In a couple days, the one pictured below should be completely covered in flowers and I will be sure to snap a picture of it!

Yellow pom-poms of some sort


  1. Daisy - Love your blog! I think the yellow-flowered shrub is Kerria, but it's hard to tell without the foliage. Your father's Grandma Pataki had one in her yard. I love you. Remember, we're signed up on skype thanks to your brother. God willing, we'll be able to use it. Mom

  2. Thanks, Mom :) I googled Kerria and it does look very similar; I'll take a foliage sample and compare it to be sure. Thanks for the tip!


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