Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planting Peas

There they are, in all their black and white glory: PEAS!  Last weekend my plotters and I got together determined to do something other than turn soil.  Here in Glasgow most things can't go into the ground just yet; April will be a much more active month.  Nevertheless, it is time to start planting peas.

We selected sugar snap peas and we planted two small rows of them.  We plan to practice succession planting and plant a few rows every couple weeks.  That way we hope to stagger the harvest so that we're not innundated with all our peas at once.  Also, there is plenty of space between the rows to tuck in a few shallow-rooted greens like arugula.

Peas are a nice seed to start with.  They are large (the same size as peas because peas are the seed- did that make sense?) and so it's easy to space them out along the row.  You plant the peas at a spacing of around 2 inches at a depth of about half an inch.  We made depressions in the soil, then each of the four of us planted half a row.  I found it kind of adorable how democratic we were- no one wanted to monopolize the planting.  I think that bodes well for our future work together.

So how about you?  Do you have any seeds going into the ground, or are you waiting for warmer weather?

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