Friday, May 13, 2011

And The Wait Goes On...

When I wrote about the beginning of the wait for my asparagus, I meant waiting for the harvest.  I did not mean waiting for the darned crowns to arrive!  Aargh.  It is now three months since I ordered asparagus and I have despaired.  We are two months past asparagus-planting season here; I'm writing them off and will plant them in 2012.  Sigh.
T-bone here isn't impressed:

"No asparagus?

On the plus side, that leaves a whole bunch of garden space that I can fit other things into- like tomatoes!  Instead of competing with the garlic, the tomatoes can have their own space in the future-asparagus bed.  I'm gonna call this one a blessing in disguise.  I get space to grow my tomatoes and space for my garlic to mature, in exchange for one more year of waiting for aspar-grass.  I can be happy with that. 

Now, if only I can convince T-bone that this is a Good Thing.  He's kinda hard to please.

p.s. Next week I'll be posting a green garlic recipe and the 2011 MKG veggie varieties!  Maybe T-bone will like those but I doubt it- he's partial to kale.

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