Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I am now officially living in Glasgow and the Mighty Kitchen Garden belongs to a nice man named Tom.  It has been a strange month.  I don't have a garden space in my new city flat, so I am going to have to get creative with my planting.  I see window-boxes and a sill full of microgreens in my future...

In the meantime though, I just needed something alive to keep us company here.  As any new arrivals to a city (whose belongings will be on a ship for two months), this weekend saw the requisite trip to Ikea.  While there, I spotted a bunch of lovely, blooming Phalaenopsis available for sale.  Just the thing for our new bathroom and to add a little greenery to these dark December days.  So here it is, the newest addition to the Wee Kitchen Garden.

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