Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stalking a Community Garden Plot

Dreaming of a new raised bed...

Gardeners are a good bunch.  It doesn't matter where in the world you go, if you meet another gardener, you are sure to hit it off somehow.  I was lucky enough to learn that my new colleague in Glasgow has quite the kitchen garden of his own out in the country.  He has multiple raised beds, some greenhouse space, and chickens.  I am jealous already.

Once he learned that I am a big veggie gardener too, he took it upon himself to help me find a community garden plot.  Another colleague is involved in a garden close to my new place of employment.  She sent me all the info needed to apply for a raised bed in this garden plot. Last month, I filled out my application and I should hear any day now if I was successful in my quest for a shared raised bed.  I hope that the MKG can continue in this small way here in Glasgow.  Plus, I have never gardened in a climate like this one; a community garden would be the perfect way for me to meet local gardeners and learn from their experiences.

Here's hoping that I can get my fingers in the dirt here soon!  My little wee Phalaenopsis is cute and all, but it's not very tasty.

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